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>>what about the quality of your shirts?

i already selled some shirts and all of them were content about my shirts&their quality.

>>how can i wash my new shirt?

if you want a long life for your new shirt, just wash it with your hands.

you can try it with the clothing washer but i can give you no security if that'll work out!

>>how can i get a shirt?

if you find one motive that you like or if you have an own idea, contact me: or use the contac formular!


>>how much does a shirt cost?

that belongs to the shirt that you'll buy or to your wishes.

ask me and we can find a nice price! 

>>how can i pay for my new shirt?

i can just accept bank transfers cause that's the most safely way.

>>how much do i have to pay for the shipping?

if you just order one shirt, the shipping will be €1,45-

if you order 2 or more shirts, i have to send them in a package and that 'll be around €3,80.

if you still have any questions, ask me.


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